The International Dhammadayada Training & Ordination Program is designed to help participants achieve personal success during four weeks of training. We require all applicants to be:

  • Male, heterosexual, between the ages of 18 and 60;
  • Of good mental and physical health, free from infectious diseases, drug or alcohol dependence, facial piercings, inappropriate tattoos, and severe physical handicaps.
  • Content with non-vegetarian diet and simple accommodation provided by the temple;
  • Free from commitments that might cause interruptions during the program such as examinations and vocational placements;
  • Willing to strictly follow IDOP instructions and observe the Buddhist Eight Precepts as part of the training experience. The Eight Precepts involve abstaining from taking the life of any creature; stealing; unchastely; speaking falsely or abusively or maliciously; consuming alcohol or intoxicants; taking food after midday; dancing, singing romantic songs, perfume and cosmetics; and sleeping on luxurious high seats or beds.

Participants usually learn from personal experiences that observing the Eight Precepts enhances their practice of meditation while helping to create a peaceful and harmonious environment conducive to inner personal development for every participant.

In order to improve the international experience for all IDOP participants, resident Thai men are welcome to apply for admission. However, admission is highly selective and subject to English language requirements. The IDOP administration reserves the right to deny applicants admission to the international ordination program. Please be advised that final acceptance into IDOP is subject to a personal interview at Wat Phra Dhammakaya. In the event an applicant is denied admission to the program, after a personal interview at Wat Dhammakaya, the temple and its affiliates are not liable for financial reimbursement to the applicant.

What you will need to bring


  • Passport and a photocopy of your passport
  • 2″ photo
  • An amount of registration fee 5,000.00 Baht
  • Personal medication (if any).
  • Personal toiletries.

How To Apply

  1. Fill in the Online Application and submit it to the temple from there
  2. If the application gets through, you will receive an immediate automatic response.
  3. Once your application is approved and your eligibility is confirmed, you will receive a notification from the temple via email sometime between the middle of June and early July.
  4. After receiving such notification, you will be asked to obtain a medical examination record with a physician’s statement confirming that you are in good health. It should be presented to the temple’s ordination staff upon arrival.
  5. As a successful applicant, you will be asked to provide a written permission/acknowledgement from your parents, guardian, spouse or relative, whichever is applicable in your case. This should be presented upon arrival.

How to practice your chanting until the start of the program

download_icon Here you can download the text and audio to practice the ordination chanting. See also the tab Procedure

  1. Paying Homage to the ordination ground and chapel
  2. Seeking parents forgiveness
  3. Requesting the going-forth(pabbajja)
  4. Basic objects of meditaton
  5. Taking refuge and ten precepts
  6. Requesting dependence(nissaya)
  7. Scrutiny of the bowl and robes
  8. Examination outside the Sangha
  9. Requesting ordination(Upassampada)

How to practice your meditation until the start of the program

download_iconHere are two meditation sessions by Phra Nicholas Thanissaro you can use to practice your meditation

To free yourself from worry, we recommend that you leave at home valuable items such as jewelry, electronic equipment, MP3 or other music players.