For all male Buddhists. The individual cultivates merit that carries over into the next life and receives many benefits for his present life. Furthermore, he gains knowledge, wisdom, a greater understanding of the world, both socially and economically as well as physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Those who are ordained are not merely individuals who shave their heads and wear monks’ robes; they must train, practice, and embody the teachings of Lord Buddha.

Phabhavanaviriyakhun (Venerable Dattajeevo Bhikkhu), Wat Phra Dhammakaya


My meditation experience as a monk is absolutely wonderful. I’m able to see, as I close my eyes a crystal ball, I can even see it now. And I keep going to the center of the crystal ball. And; I feel so happy; I feel such resolve, such peace, such contentment. And sometimes when I look, and I go deeper inside. I can see the image of a crystal Buddha and it’s so beautiful. And. Whenever I close my eyes I can see it. And that’s how close Lord Buddha is to me, Luang Phor is to me, and the Dhammakaya is to me. I feel that I have a greater sense of awareness of nature, of the universe, of truth… of purity, of wisdom, of goodness. And so much goodness goes throughout my being as I continue to focus on the crystal ball. And I go through the center, and I keep going through the center. And even though sometimes an image may come up that I don’t expect, I just let it pass on, I just let it go. And I go right back to the center, and I am able to see it, I see it even now. Sattu!

Howard McCrary


I’d like to say that the week passed has been very special for me because not only this we have a lot of opportunity to meditate. We also have a possibility to learn about the other cultures and to practice Buddhism together. And I had a good meditation experience which I didn’t have before I could see crystal ball and I could feel peace and happiness inside. And I am very happy that I was able to wear this rope and share this experience with people from different countries. I think this program is unique and very special in this world there isn’t the other program like this.

I’d like everyone from which country you are, whatever country you are to come here and to experience it, it’s really worth while. You can wear the rope and when you wear this robe you will find your life has changed. Although it was only for short while but your life will change. Not only you can find inner peace and something new inside. Your will find that your life has also a new perspective and that you can see thing differently. For example, you don’t need very luxury bed to sleep on, just to give an example. There are many to learn for monastic life this is old more than 2,500 years.

So I’d like to invite everyone who interested in Buddhism and meditation to come here and experience it for yourself.

Sander Khemadhammo


I am Dhammadayada Motimo Kenyo. In my profession I am on the faculty of Buddhism, at Ricoh University in Japan. I am a researcher analyzing the Apidhamma or the Buddhist philosophical texts, for over 40 years now. The world outside is contrasting to the world of the Dhamma. From the first day ordained as a Buddhist monk, wearing the golden robes, I thought of myself as newly born to the world, as a new monk. If I want to learn I must be respectful to the teaching and mentor monks, in order to gain their knowledge and wisdom which they have to offer. So, from there on, I happily did as my teachers and mentors asked without any discussions. I came with the noble intention of ordaining in the Japanese Dhammadayada Ordination Program, at the Dhammakaya Temple. It was because I sincerely want to understand Theravada Buddhism, which is a different discipline from my studies. By actually being involved I could learn firsthand, instead of studying it in the text books only. After we ordained, my friends and I, had the opportunity to put into practice, the art of meditation, at Giew Lom Temple in the province of Chiang Mai, Thailand. The temple is spotlessly clean, accommodations cozy, and weather cool, a perfect location for the earnest practice of meditation. We meditated together each day 3 sessions, some sessions were one and a half hours, and some were two hours. The teaching and mentor monks kindly explained to us various principles of the teachings the Buddha. These included the belief of open giving, keeping precepts purely, and regularly practicing meditating.

Motimo Kenyo


I landed in IDOP program by coincidence, while I was backpacking around the world. Joining IDOP wasn’t in my plans at all, but when I knew more about the program it looks to me like a good balance between learning about Buddhism, and practice meditation also in addition to gain some discipline (really need it after long time traveling).

I realize that the best way to understand Buddhism was to experiment and see for myself. I was glad to have chosen total immersion. It was definitely a lifetime experience that improve and enrich myself in different ways. I totally recommend IDOP! Things happens for a reason, now I don’t believe in coincidences

Jorge Riquelme Cruz (Hemacitto)Entrepreneur from ChileOrdained during IDOP 13 (5 July – 15 August, 2015)