1.    People with any serious mental illness:

Participants should be in good health both physically and mentally to attend this ordination program. Although meditation provides much good in many areas of life for everyone, it is not a substitute for medical or psychiatric treatment. We do not recommend this meditation technique to individuals diagnosed with a serious mental disorder or using psychotropic medication.

2.    physical examination:

You will need a physical examination prior to acceptance into the ordination program. You are expected to have a professional examination completed upon arrival. There are specific medical requirements for admission. Applicants must be free from: Tuberculosis; Asthma; Boils; Eczema; Leprosy; Epilepsy; Diabetes; Heart Disease and HIV.

3.    Healthcare during the program:

The training program provides basic first aid and medicine for basic ailments or health issues that do not require a physician’s examination or hospitalization. If the need arises for a participant to visit the hospital, physician, or healthcare specialist, all costs incurred (e.g., consultation fees, examination fees, x-rays, medication, etc.) will be the participant’s responsibility.


Important Notification


According to regulations established by the Ecclesiastic Supreme Patriarch of Thailand, every man who wishes to ordain as a Buddhist monk must be free from the diseases and symptoms stated below. For IDOP #18, medical check ups will be provided at the training site and will cost around 500 Baht. If you are confident you do not have the diseases listed below, then you may wait until arrival in Thailand to get these check ups done. However, if you are found to have any of the following diseases you will not be permitted to join the program.


IDOP Winter WILL NOT provide medical check ups, so you must get them done BEFORE coming to Thailand and bring the hard copy of the results with you. A physician will check your results to make sure that you are free from the following diseases:


  • 1. Tuberculosis: If certified by physician then chest X-Ray film is not required
  • 2. Asthma: Examined from medical history
  • 3. Leprosy
  • 4. Epilepsy
  • 5. Uncontrollable symptoms:
    • 5a. Diabetes (unable to control blood sugar), High Blood Pressure (Over 140/90 ml.), Heart Disease (which requires constant medication)
    • 5b. Examined from medical history and physical examination
  • 6. HIV: Examined from blood test for ANTI-HIV
  • 7. Illicit drugs such as Amphetamine: Examined from urine test

If you have high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, or any other condition that requires you to take medication, you must get a signed letter from your doctor that you are healthy enough to cope with the demands of the program.