Online Application

Summary of IDOP Application Process
Steps from Start to Acceptance


1. Create a Skype account (can use Line as well)

  • Interviews must be done via video chat, so it is best if you can create an account before applying to help us reduce the cost of international phone calls. Once created, please keep your account ‘online’ and check frequently since this is how we will reach out to schedule a time for an interview

2. Please take a picture of your passport and be prepared to upload it. If you are a Thai citizen take a picture of your Thai ID Card 

  • The image size must be under 5mb  and must be one of the following file types(.gif, .png, .jpg, or .pdf) or else you will not be able to successfully submit your application
  • In order to resize your image in the event that it is above 5mb please do so online. Here is a google search for online programs that can do this Resize Image Online or if you are using a phone use this link For Phones

3. Submit an online application

  • Please set aside at least 30 minutes to complete this application
  • Must be completed in one session and cannot be saved
  • Read and fill out application in its entirety. Fields marked with a red check mark are required
  • Please provide us with your Skype account info in the online application
  • Applicants can prepare their essays in advance and copy and paste them into the online application. The effort you put into your essay will be considered when deciding if you are eligible for this program, so please put some time into your responses. You will be required to write a total of 400 words or more, so at least 100 words for each of the four questions below:

    • i. How familiar are you with Buddhism and why do you want to become a monk with IDOP? In the best case scenario, what would you like to gain from this experience?
    • ii. Describe a physical or verbal altercation/conflict that you have had recently. What happened? How did you handle the situation?
    • iii. How would your family members or closest friends describe your typical mood?
    • iv. What emotions do you struggle with the most? (irritability, negativity, sensitivity, hyperactivity, sadness, anxiousness) When these emotions arise, how do you cope with them?

3. Wait for IDOP staff to reach out to schedule an interview. Typically this is sent by email, within a day or so, so please check frequently after submission. 
4. Do interview via video chat with your IDOP mentor monk
5. Wait for application result via email

  • Note: Please understand that this acceptance is valid on the condition that you can provide us with a proof of clean criminal record and pass all of the medical check ups showing that you do not possess any of the disqualifying mental or physical illnesses described in the health section that follows.